The free soul is rare but you will know it

when you see it.....

 My designs are for the free spirited woman.  The one who makes her own way and lives by her own rules. Clothing is my canvas. I create limited edition designs and vintage inspired apparel.  I hunt for unique textiles and high quality fabrics. My intuitive ability to combine patterns, colors and textures is my signature as a clothing designer.  You will find my designs in high end boutiques and at juried art shows.   Women feel like they are wearing a custom made garment when they pull my pieces from their closet.   I have developed my own techniques and patterns for sillouettes that are easy to layer and have a flexible fit.  I believe clothing should be feminine and comfortable.  As a free spirit myself, I have been inspired by my three boys who have taught me to enjoy the outdoors more than the mall.  I treasure relaxed, comfortable moments in life and wish to create clothing that exudes this same feeling.  My goal is to make women happy through clothing that is fun, comfortable and unique.  It's the little things in life that bring us the most joy.